Mainers begin to dig out from mid-week nor’easter

Kennebunk (Jennifer Shaw)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Mainers are waking up and starting to dig out from the heavy snowfall.

"I knew it was going to be a lot but I didn't expect this much,” Eric Grobe, Portland resident, said.

Portland residents headed out early Thursday to get a head start on the wet and sticky snow.

"Very, very heavy. I think there's only 6 or 7 inches but it's like as someone once told me, ‘shoveling cement,’” David Victor, Portland resident, said.

Many are hoping spring is right around the corner

"That was weird because I was really enjoying the warm weather. Started to get stuff done around the yard. and the house and cleaning the house a little bit and now we get more of this,” Grobe said. “It feels like Mother Nature's winter overstayed its welcome. Yea, [spring] is about due time, I'd say."

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