Maine teen gives back to Rumford Hospital

Colby Volkernick volunteers at the Rumford Hospital after having suffered a serious skiing accident, launching into a boulder and a stand of trees at Black Mountain last February. After breaking 13 ribs, puncturing both lungs, breaking bones in arm and neck, he spent 15 days in the hospital. He has now has completely recovered and interested in pursuing a career in medicine. He is the son of former Rumford Selectman Jeremy Volkernick. (CTSY: Andree Kehn, Sun Journal)

RUMFORD (WGME) - A western Maine teen is making a difference to help hospital patients feel a little better.

According to our media partners at the Sun Journal, over the winter, Colby Volkernick was seriously hurt in a severe skiing accident.

The teen broke 13 ribs, punctured both lungs and broke bones in his arm and neck.

Volkernick spent 15 days in the hospital and has now completely recovered.

He's spending his summer volunteering at Rumford Hospital, giving back by filling supplies, cleaning and even taking out the trash.

The 14 year-old says he's interested in a career in nursing.

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