Local electrician invited to George H.W. Bush's funeral

    Mike Lovejoy is an electrician in Kennebunkport. (WGME)

    KENNEBUNKPORT (WGME) – Among the Maine politicians that have been invited to George H.W. Bush’s funeral and the close family friends, the Bushes have extended the invite to a local man who worked for the family.

    He says it'll be an honor and a privilege to say goodbye.

    As the sun shines outside of former President George H.W. Bush's Walker’s Point home, one of the men responsible for keeping his lights on inside is reflecting.

    Mike Lovejoy is an electrician in Kennebunkport.

    Since the 1990s he's been 41's fix it man, whether he was adjusting the power for the powerful, or helping him pick out a new TV.

    “They asked if I'd be willing to go shopping with President Bush,” Lovejoy said. “Who would skip that opportunity?”

    Year after year, Lovejoy says he would get the Bush's second home ready for their summer stay, and like clockwork, upon his arrival, George H.W. Bush would be there front and center to welcome him to his home.

    Despite being on the grounds for work, Lovejoy says H.W. and Barbara both took an interest in their hired help.

    He describes the former President as selfless, claiming his personality was electric.

    “Everyone was treated as an equal, he was just an amazing fellow,” Lovejoy said.

    The Bush family seems to feel the same about Lovejoy.

    He's been invited to George H.W. Bush's funeral in Washington, the news both shocking and heartwarming for Lovejoy.

    Lovejoy will be leaving for Washington, D.C. Tuesday.

    He says he's grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to him from the Bush family.

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