'Lockdown' at Lewiston High School lifted following 'alarming comments'

Lewiston High School (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) -- Lewiston High School was placed in a "soft lockdown" Monday morning at the request of the Lewiston Police Department.

Police say an adult at the school got information from a third party who overheard some “alarming comments.”

At this point, it is not known exactly what it was that was overheard.

But out of an abundance of caution, Lewiston Police put the high school in lockdown until they could get to the bottom of it.

Superintendent Bill Webster says the lockdown has since been lifted.

The principal has been fielding calls from concerned parents, especially in light of the recent school shooting in Texas.

Some students called their parents and grandparents to pick them up, including John Lamothe’s granddaughter.

"My granddaughter got pretty upset about it. So I come here to pick her up and bring her home,” Lamothe said. “It’s been happening so much over the country. All the kids know it. And it’s just happening too often.”

CBS 13 expects to learn more about those comments later in the day Monday.

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