Lawmakers grill CMP on handling of October storm

The investigation into Central Maine Power continued on Thursday. (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) – The investigation into Central Maine Power continued on Thursday.

Lawmakers want to know if CMP is ready for storms like the one in October, which knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands of Mainers.

The Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee questioned CMP Thursday at a public hearing.

A few weeks ago, the Maine Public Utilities Commission ordered the investigation into both CMP and Emera, taking a look into how the companies handled the October windstorm that left close to 500,000 people without power for days.

Besides storm response and expense, many CMP customers have reported complaints against the company, claiming they've seen a spike in their utility bills and they want to know why.

This investigation will look at it all.

Lawmakers say from their understanding thus far, many smart meters in people's homes flat lined, and the newly implemented billing system had some problems.

A former lineman, now utilities union representative, who spoke up Thursday night says it's more than that, but CMP representatives don't agree.

Many are hoping having hearings like this one will hold companies accountable, so they have a better understanding of what needs to happen moving forward.

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