Four-acre island fire takes more than a day to extinguish in Woolwich

Fire in Woolwich (Woolwich fire/rescue)

WOOLWICH, Maine (WGME) -- A large fire on an Island known as Hockomock Island in Woolwich needed approximately 36 hours before firefighters could put it out.

The fire began around 2 p.m. Thursday between Route 1 and Montsweg Road.

A helicopter from the Maine State Forest service was requested out of Augusta to locate the source of the fire. The helicopter located a fire on the Island off from Island drive.

The fire was approximately four acres and threatening a family summer cottage. The cottage was saved, and crews worked for hours to contain the fire.

The island, which is mainly surrounded by title water and marsh, had no areas where crews could reach a water supply. More than 2,000 feet of supply line had to be laid from the road Into the Woods out onto the island.

Tankers were called in from surrounding communities to shuttle water to the scene. Crews worked until nearly midnight to control the fire and returned on Friday to clear the scene.

Crews are going to return on Saturday and continue to ensure that the fire is completely out.

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