Jared Golden declared winner in District 2 race using ranked-choice voting

    Jared Golden (WGME)

    AUGUSTA (WGME) -- The Secretary of State’s Office has declared Democrat Jared Golden as the winner of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race using ranked-choice voting.

    Golden is the winner after ranked-choice voting tabulation with 50.53 percent of the vote.

    The Secretary of State’s Office announced the “unofficial results” Thursday afternoon. Official results for all races will be available and posted 20 days after the election when the final tabulation is submitted to the governor.

    A federal judge denied Congressman Bruce Poliquin's request on Thursday to stop the ranked-choice voting process in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race.

    The two-term representative and three supporters sued Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap on Tuesday to stop the ranked-choice ballot count and declare him the winner in his re-election contest against Golden.

    Neither Poliquin or Golden got to 50 percent of the vote in the general election, which triggered the nation's first-ever ranked choice run-off in a congressional race.

    Poliquin released the following statement:

    “It is now officially clear I won the constitutional “one-person, one-vote” first choice election on Election Day that has been used in Maine for more than one hundred years. We will proceed with our constitutional concerns about the rank vote algorithm."

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