Janet Mills wins Democratic nomination for governor

Janet Mills has won the Democratic nomination for Governor, with 54 percent in four rounds of ranked-choice vote. (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) – Eight days after election night, the Democrats have their nominee.

Election officials report that Janet Mills defeated Adam Cote in the gubernatorial primary.

With 54 percent of the vote in the country's first ranked choice state primary, Janet Mills watched her bid for governor continue, and Mainers watched a piece of American history.

More than a week after Election Day, the Democrats have their winner.

Janet Mills earned the nod as the Democrat’s gubernatorial nominee.

"It's about my vision of a Maine that is undivided, that is prosperous north to south, west to east, a Maine that works for everybody," Mills said.

In a first for the country, Mills survived four rounds of ranked choice voting in a statewide election.

Officials collected results from 503 Maine communities, eliminating one of the seven candidates each round, and reallocated votes until a majority winner was named.

The system is only used when an election lacks a candidate with a 50 percent majority.

Republican Shawn Moody earned 55 percent of the vote in his party's primary on Election Day, and eight days later, he has his opponent.

"It was all part of a very exciting dialogue, but I wouldn't give it up for anything," Mills said.

Adam Cote congratulated Mills on her victory.

He finished second with just under 46 percent of the vote.

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