Hundreds gather in Portland following Trump's victory

Hundreds hope their message is heard loud and clear after protesting Trump's win Wednesday night in Portland. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Hundreds hope their message was heard loud and clear following Trump's win Wednesday night in Portland.

Songs of unity and peace started the Gathering against Hate at Monument Square, a Facebook-planned event after Trump's win that brought hundreds to downtown Portland.

Religious leaders from Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities spoke to the fear felt by many in attendance.

Signs of protest were lit by candles and flashlights, and after leaders spoke for 15 minutes to the growing crowd, chants for change filled the void.

The rally on the city hall steps was brief.

The drum beat and chants changing the tune of tonight to fear for many young voters.

Calls for peace, demands for change, no clear voice shared by hundreds that gathered in the city.

As a Donald Trump Presidency is two months away.

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