Horrifying details of Limington murder revealed in court

    55-year-old Doug Flint (CTSY Flint family)

    ALFRED (WGME) -- A Limington man is held without bail and accused of killing his next door neighbor.

    Court documents reveal a horrific crime that left the victim nearly decapitated.

    According to this affidavit; police found a bloody machete inside the home of Bruce Akers. Monday he faced a judge, entering no plea to one count of murder.

    Wearing glasses and street clothes, Bruce Akers looked down at the floor as he made his initial court appearance. He's accused of killing his next door neighbor; 55-year-old Doug Flint, whose family is devastated.

    According to court documents, Flint's family reported him missing on Friday; and police found his body Saturday morning on Akers' property, covered by rotting deer carcasses. A bloody machete was found in Akers' camper.

    An affidavit says Flint died of injuries to the head and neck with almost total decapitation.

    Court documents state, the day before flint disappeared, Akers called authorities to report he suspected his neighbor of stealing alcohol from him.

    Documents reveal the men had a history of disagreements, and when police confronted Akers, he was covered in scratches and cuts and said, "The guy just wouldn't leave me alone."

    Those who live nearby didn't want to be identified, but describe Akers as unstable and say his behavior often concerned them.

    Prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing. Akers is due back in court in September.

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