Herd of bison shut down roads in New Hampshire

Photo courtesy: Jaimee Cathcart

GILFORD, NH (WGME) -- A herd of bison is running free, barreling through yards and blocking traffic in Gilford, New Hampshire.

We're told some of the massive animals have been corralled, but many more are still on the loose.

The Gilford police chief says in all of his years on the force, he's never seen anything quite like this.

While his officers did work to get about seven or so of the bison back to the farm, there are still about 15 of them missing, and the chief is urging drivers and people in the public to use caution.

Gilford police say the herd of about 25 bison got loose from the Bolduc Farm on Morrill Street. They believe they got out through a hole in the fence.

Police started getting calls about the animals on the loose at around 1:30 p.m., and had reports of the herd being spotted along Route 3 and the Route 11 bypass. The Route 11 bypass and Morrill Street were closed this afternoon while police cruisers were slowly corralling the herd back in the direction of the farm. While many in the public stopped to take pictures and video, the chief is urging the public to continue to use caution. These animals can be dangerous.

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