Grounded jets affect Portland Jetport travel

    Pressure has been building for days to ground the Boeing jets involved in two deadly crashes within five months. (WGME)

    PORTLAND (WGME) – The Jetport in Portland is feeling the impact of the Boeing grounding.

    The Jetport says its working with passengers who have layovers that have been delayed or even cancelled from this type of aircraft being grounded.

    Although nobody on any of these flights was scheduled to be on this type of plane, there are people coming from major airports that could be having flight issues.

    "I was actually leaving work for this trip and somebody approached me and said ‘Hey you're flying Southwest. That's the same plane that just crashed in Ethiopia,’" Joan Tishkevich said.

    The Jetport says the daily Southwest flight to and from Baltimore is often a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

    Luckily, the Jetport says there aren't any of those planes scheduled Wednesday night or Thursday and no Boeing 737 Max 9 flights are ever scheduled here, but anyone with a layover may run into trouble.

    "Even if the flight from Portland to Chicago or New York isn't impacted, if you're continuing on somewhere that is on a route impacted by that, we just want to make sure all those itineraries are taken care of," Assistant Airport Director Zach Sundquist said.

    President Trump's announcement shocked one Southwest passenger.

    “I appreciate the fact that he's concerned with our safety," Tishkevich said.

    She trusts major airlines’ safety regulations as she and other travelers fly through the days ahead.

    "They fly us around the world every single day and I trust they know what they're doing,” Tishkevich said.

    The Jetport says if you're flying through there Thursday, be sure to check your flight online ahead of time in case any major changes have been made to it.

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