Friends, family search for woman last seen at Maine Medical Center

After six days, there is still no sign of Katharine Kinney. (Kinney family)

UPDATE: Portland police say 36-year-old Katharine “Katy” Kinney of Gorham has been located safe and unharmed.

PORTLAND (WGME) – After six days, there is still no sign of Katharine Kinney.

Friends say Kinney, who goes by Katy, got dropped off at Maine Medical Center at 9 a.m. last Thursday, and was last seen leaving two hours later.

Geoffrey Starrett took the day off work to hand out fliers of his friend, Katy Kinney, in hopes that someone remembers seeing her.

"I'm looking,” Starrett said. “I don't know what to do and I don't know where to go. So, we've made up fliers with information with her picture."

Katy Kinney was last seen at 11 last Thursday morning. Police say she was being treated at the emergency room at Maine Medical Center when she left, but police don't know which direction she went.

Police say photos show the 36-year-old Kinney walking away from the hospital.

Shannon Kinney is Katy's cousin. She says Katy left without her cell phone or any money.

"It's like her to have us not hear from her for a few days,” Kinney said. “But it is not like her to disappear completely off the grid this way. We are really concerned that she's in a dark place."

Friends say police have been checking area shelters to see if she ended up there, but for now, there's still no sign of Katy Kinney.

"I have to call her mother every few hours,” Starrett said. “And every time I do, and I don't have any new information, it is heartbreaking."

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