Former Maine sheriff enters race for governor as a Democrat

Mark Dion (Troy R. Bennett | BDN)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Another politician is throwing their hat into the race for governor.

Senator Mark Dion announced his decision in Portland Thursday.

After spending a year in the Senate, Dion came back to his former jail to announce his run.

He says he hopes to pull from his three terms as sheriff if he wins this race.

Surrounded by friends and current Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce, Dion told his supporters that he has a vision to move Maine forward

Dion spent twelve years as sheriff and 21 as a police officer, he told the crowd that his law enforcement background can help fight the state opioid epidemic.

He says he hopes to be more of a chief executive, listening more than speaking

Dion also spent six years as a state rep before becoming senator and believes that experience will guide him to the Blaine House

"I want to talk about the practical realities of running a government. I think that what I bring to the table is reasonable management, prudent management, management that will pay attention to the facts and respect people's opinions and ideas,” Dion said.

Dion joins a growing number of candidates with their eye on the Blaine House.

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