Emergency drill hopes to aid in public safety

Emergency management officials and the Red Cross hold a mock disaster drill. (WGME)

Cumberland County (WGME) -- In case of an emergency officials in Cumberland County want to make sure their teams and the public are prepared.

A full scale disaster drill was held at Westbrook High School Saturday with the help of the American Red Cross of Maine and the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency.

Volunteer teams from the Medical Reserve Corp., Animal Response Team and Wireless Society of Southern Maine worked together for the drill.

This year's disaster was what to do during a severe rain storm.

"We saw a lot of flooding this past year you know we also saw a lot of power outages with the wind storms so these are very real scenarios for the people of Maine," Aly Finn with the American Red Cross of Maine said. "We really want to make sure when we are testing something like this we're making sure it's an emergency that's likely to happen."

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