Electrical fire forces residents out of Lewiston apartment building

An electrical fire in a Lewiston apartment building has forced residents to find another place to stay until repairs can be made and power restored.

LEWISTON (WGME) -- An electrical fire in a 15-unit Lewiston apartment building forced residents to find another place to stay early Sunday morning.

The fire was called in shortly after midnight at 242 Park St., according to the Lewiston Fire Department.

Fire was found in a first-floor apartment in an electrical wall outlet. While the fire was limited to the apartment, fire officials said the estimated damage is $50,000.

The fire has been ruled accidental. No one was injured.

The power in the building was turned off for firefighters. The Red Cross of Maine is assisting the displaced residents, providing assistance for about 25 people from 11 of the 15 apartments and is working with the other residents to provide support.

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