Drivers warn against 'dangerous' stretch of road in Lincoln County

A recent crash victim is calling a stretch of Route 105 in Lincoln County “dangerous.” (WGME)

SOMERVILLE (WGME) – A recent crash victim is calling a stretch of Route 105 in Lincoln County “dangerous.”

Dave Rafuse lives at the top of a steep, curvy hill on Route 105 in Somerville, a hill he says has been a black ice hazard the past several winters. He says when it rains, water drains right out onto the road and down the hill.

"The water comes down, takes the salt and sand right off anyway," Rafuse said.

He says often the water then freezes forming a sheet of black ice.

"You got this big skating rink that people come flying down here,” Rafuse said. “Of course, when they see it, they might panic and hit their brakes. And then that creates all kinds of problems."

Somerville's new road commissioner says two drivers have lost control of their cars on the icy hill this past month.

Billie Casella says her jeep flipped upside down in a ditch, and she says the very next week, another woman's car went off the road in the very same spot.

She says no one's doing anything to fix the black ice problem.

Road Commissioner Josh Platt agrees that a permanent solution must be found to stop water from draining onto the road.

"Definitely talk to DOT and figure out how we can remedy this situation," Platt said.

For now, MaineDOT crews are plowing snow off the shoulder to try and keep water off the road.

"The plan is right now to get some temporary signage up at either end of that hill, so drivers coming from both directions will be warned that there's a slippery spot ahead,” Platt said. “And hopefully they'll heed those warnings and we won't have any more issues."

The road commissioner hopes the new signs he plans to put up, along with the continued work to remove snow from the shoulder, will prevent any future accidents from happening.

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