Dozens gather in Augusta to protest CMP transmission line proposal

    Dozens gathered in Augusta Friday to protest CMP's controversial transmission line proposal. (WGME)

    AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Dozens gathered in Augusta Friday to protest CMP's controversial transmission line proposal.

    Dozens of protesters gathered outside the State House to say CMP's transmission line project will hurt Mainers.

    "The reason I'm against it is I do go up north and I do fish and I have already seen some lines up there that they're not what I want my grandchildren to have to have," protester William Mayo said.

    On Friday, they showed up in support of bill LD-640.

    If passed, the bill would require a study of greenhouse gas emissions that could develop as a result of the project.

    They say it's a necessary step in seeing how the proposal could affect the environment.

    "It seems as though we're going by word of mouth that it's just good," protester Sandi Howard said.

    The group believes the project will pollute the ground and waterways close by.

    "If we're trying to have green energy ruining Maine's environment for that doesn't appear to be the way to go," Howard said.

    However, those who are against the bill and for the project say they’ve already done a study and there are minimal environmental impacts.

    "We're concerned about the impact of possible delay or repetition around that work that's already been done," Vice President of AVANGRID Networks Thorn Dickinson said.

    In addition, they say the project brings a lot of opportunities.

    "There's benefits around jobs, there’s property taxes for communities and there's a fundamental new investment into electric vehicles, into heat pumps," Dickinson said.

    If the bill is approved, it is possible it could push the project back for months.

    "It provides no funding for the department to conduct the report or hire someone else to conduct the report,” Ben Dudley of Mainers for Clean Energy said.

    The bill is scheduled to go into a committee workshop in the upcoming weeks, where amendments could be made.

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