Dixfield family loses home to Monday fire, dog saved by CPR

dixfield fire.PNG

Fire destroyed a family home in Dixfield Monday, killing four cats. If not for the actions of one woman, a dog likely would have also died.

By the time Mariya Coulombe of Rumford arrived, the home was engulfed in flames.

"Troy was already in the driveway. He was like, 'I gotta get my dogs. I gotta get my dogs,’” she said.

Coulombe says she knew she had to do something.

"It would have been very difficult to make entry because of the extensiveness of the fire and smoke," said fire chief Scott Dennent.

But he went inside, determined to find them.

"When I first pulled him out of the kennel, he was very lifeless. He wasn't breathing at all."

The daughter of a firefighter, Coulombe is trained in CPR, but she had never had to use it.

"I knew the areas you need to do the pushes, and the guy from Irving was doing the breaths for me. It just worked out perfect.”

After about ten minutes, Brutus started breathing again.

Tuesday, resident Phillip Zinck returned to try to salvage anything he could. He said the support from the community has been overwhelming, for which they are thankful.

"Hundreds of people stopped by, called and offered assistance, clothing and a few people, gift cards,” Zinck said. “It's wonderful. People have a heart. They really do."

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