Deputies with Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office to wear body cameras

Body camera (WGME)

AUBURN (WGME) -- Deputies with the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office will soon wear body cameras.

Commissioners approved 14 body cameras and 14 cameras for patrol cars Wednesday night.

According to the Sun Journal, the sheriff says the camera systems in some patrol cars are past their life cycle.

In a meeting Wednesday, county commissioners unanimously approved more than $126,000 to equip deputies with a body camera and update patrol cameras, according to the Sun Journal.

This includes servers, hardware, software, and tech support.

The Sun Journal states the yearly cost will be around $27,000.

A few police departments across the state have already implemented body cameras, including Portland and South Portland.

The cameras will be worn on the chest to record interactions with the public.

The sheriff says the camera systems in patrol cars are at least 10 years old and some no longer work.

He says like a cell phone, it’s time to upgrade to something smaller, newer, and with better features.

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