Cooking safety tips ahead of Thanksgiving

    Firefighters say Thanksgiving is the number one day for kitchen fires during the year. (CBS News)<p>{/p}

    SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- With Thanksgiving just a few days away, CBS 13 is On Your Side with cooking safety tips if you'll be the one cooking this holiday.

    The South Portland Fire Department tells CBS 13 that Thanksgiving is the number one day for cooking fires in people's homes.

    In 2016, U.S. Fire departments responded to an estimated 1,570 cooking fires on Thanksgiving.

    Some tips:

    1: Never leave your stove top unattended

    2: Keep he kitchen as clear as possible

    3: Keep children away from the stove as well as hot food and liquids

    4: Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly

    "That's what we always tell people and just say over and over again please check to make sure you have working smoke detectors in your home," Captain Robb Couture with the South Portland Fire Department said. "It's the number one way to survive an incident in your home."

    As far as cooking the turkey goes, The National Fire Protection Association says deep-frying a turkey can be delicious but also dangerous.

    They recommend that if you plan to cook your turkey this way you need to make sure your turkey is completely thawed and dry before putting it in the oil and that deep fryers should be at least 15 feet away from any home.

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