Retired police detective questioned by Anthony Sanborn's defense team

Convicted murderer Anthony Sanborn is back in court Wednesday (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A convicted murderer is fighting for his freedom inside a Portland courtroom.

Anthony Sanborn says he did not kill Jessica Briggs even though a jury found him guilty of murder 25 years ago.

For hours Wednesday, a retired police detective answered questions from Sanborn's defense team.

Most of the day focused on his notes and case files he found at home years after the case was closed.

Retired Portland Police Detective Jim Daniels says he kept the files at home after cleaning out his desk and leaving the department in 1998.

Defense attorney Amy Fairfield claims the boxes contain handwritten notes about the Sanborn case that were never disclosed to the defense team for the original trial when a jury found Sanborn guilty of killing 16-year-old Jessica Briggs.

“I didn't secret anything in any place. What I did do is when I retired I took some cases that I wanted to keep my copies of, I took those home,” Daniels said.

Sanborn has been out of prison since April when Hope Cady recanted her testimony and told the judge she did not see the murder.

“The fact that she thought somebody else was the murderer, other than Tony Sanborn, you don't think that's relevant?” Fairfield asked Daniels.

“I didn't have any information to that effect,” Daniels replied.

But Fairfield claims the detective's notes found in the boxes mention other possible suspects and Daniels withheld the information.

“You never told the defense this came in as a suspected person in the Brigg’s homicide?” Fairfield asked Daniels.

“No. It wasn't made part of the case. It was part of my notes that were available for anyone to look at,” Daniels replied.

Daniels and his partner deny all allegations of misconduct during the investigation and say they followed standard procedures.

Sanborn could go back to prison or the judge could throw out his conviction.

The hearing, which could last several weeks, continues Thursday.

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