CMP can’t disconnect certain customers during investigation, Maine PUC says


HALLOWELL (WGME) -- The Maine Public Utilities Commission said Central Maine Power will not be allowed to disconnect certain customers while the company is investigated by the state.

In late February, the PUC launched an investigation into metering, billing, and customer communications at CMP after the I-Team found hundreds of customers had high spikes in usage they couldn't explain.

The public advocate requested that CMP not be allowed to disconnect anyone during the investigation, but the commission decided to take a more targeted approach.

They decided those customers with charges 25 percent higher than the same time last year cannot be cut off as long as they pay a portion of the bill.

“We want to provide consumer protections but we still expect consumers to pay a reasonable portion of their bill, so what we've really established today is kind of a generic, undisputed reasonable amount,” Mark Vannoy, PUC chairman, said.

The chairman says CMP will send a notice to customers explaining this change.

CBS 13 reached out to CMP for comment, but has not yet heard back.

The I-Team has done a dozen stories about these customer concerns and CMP's response.

You can find them all in the I-Team section of this website.

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