Chance for aurora sightings in Maine, New Hampshire

Northern lights photographed over Mt. Katahdin in August 2016. (New England Outdoor Center)

GRAY (WGME) -- A recent coronal mass ejection means there's a chance to catch the northern lights sometime this weekend.

The National Weather Service spotted the mass ejection on Friday and said it was expect to reach Earth either late Sunday night or early Monday.

The northern lights are the result of electrons colliding with Earth's atmosphere. Electrons become excited as they transfer energy to the atmosphere and when they relax into lower energy states, the energy is released as light.

Coronal mass ejections like the one observed Friday cause electromagnetic storms and exceptionally colorful auroras.

Sunday morning, the National Weather Service tweeted that the best time for aurora watching would be around 2 a.m. Monday, providing the weather remains clear.

They also included a map predicting the aurora's reach. The aurora could be visible as far south as New York.

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