Bush family leaves impression on churches in Kennebunkport


KENNEBUNKPORT (WGME) - Many in the Kennebunkport community say when the Bush's are in town, they always made it a priority to attend church.

The First Congregational Church in Kennebunkport is one of two churches Barbara and George H.W. Bush have been attending for decades.

Churchgoers say every Sunday like clockwork when the Bush's were in town, depending on the month and the timing of the service, they'd be up bright and early attending church there.

In fact, inside of the First Congregational Church, there's a pew dedicated in honor of the former President and First Lady.

Many pictures can also be found throughout the church.

One churchgoer says Barbara's faith is very important to her.

She says Barbara paid close attention and used her beliefs and things she learned in church to better others.

"I used to do Words for Children here at church,” said churchgoer Barbara Vennell. “One of the stories I read was ‘Say Something,’ and after church she told me how much she liked the story. So, I ordered it and gave it to her the next week, and from that she read it at a children's literature festival at the Nonantum."

After reading that book publicly, Vennell says the author later came to town and told her book sales skyrocketed--a testament to how important Mrs. Bush is in this town.

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