Brunswick police warn of rabid animals after fox, skunk attacks

Police say a skunk with rabies attacked two dogs. (WGME)

BRUNSWICK (WGME) – Brunswick police say a woman was attacked by a rabid fox near Woodland Drive.

The Brunswick Police Department posted on Facebook that there have been at least two attacks this week.

A Woodland Drive resident says she was out getting her paper Sunday when the fox attacked her, biting her legs.

Brunswick's animal control officer Heidi Nelson posted on Facebook the Fox has been euthanized and brought to the state lab for testing.

A few miles away on High Street, police say a skunk with rabies attacked two dogs.

Andy Sokoloff, the owner of one of the dogs, says last Wednesday morning his dog Humphrey was out playing in the yard when a strange acting skunk came around his dog and the two got into it.

“It was being weird, we couldn't find any evidence he got bitten or scratched and Elizabeth was trying to pull Humphrey off this animal, so we were a little worried about whether she had gotten bitten or scratched, but she seems to be fine,” Sokoloff said.

Sokoloff says the skunk was trapped, euthanized its rabies were confirmed.

He says several other neighbors in the area believe they've seen skunks also acting weird.

Brunswick police are urging to public to be aware and stay back.

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