Bangor police officer, K-9 find missing wedding ring

A Bangor police officer and her K-9 helped a man find his brand-new wedding ring. (Bangor Police Department)

BANGOR (WGME) -- A Bangor police officer and her K-9 helped a man find his brand-new wedding ring Monday night.

Sgt. Tim Cotton says Officer Jamie Fanning was on patrol with her K-9, Aki, Monday night when they spotted people using flashlights near a closed business.

Officer Fanning went over and found a woman and her son claiming they were searching for his missing wedding ring.

“She certainly thought to herself, ‘Sure you are,’ but she humored the couple with friendly banter until she could determine whether they were there for other nefarious reasons. They were telling the truth,” Sgt. Cotton said. “You see, some people have no intention of burglarizing the Gifford's Ice Cream stand on Broadway in Bangor shortly before midnight. Some people are in need of help, that's really why we are here.”

It turns out, the man got married that very day and had stopped with his new bride to get some ice cream at Gifford’s Ice Cream, according to Sgt. Cotton.

“Upon their return, with the kind of smile a man might have after his honeymoon, or a sugar cone filled with Moose Tracks, the man realized, much to his chagrin (sounds like- ‘sugar-grin’ but is much different), that he had lost his brand-new wedding ring,” Sgt. Cotton said.

Officer Fanning helped the pair search for the missing ring to no avail. It was then that she realized Aki, who was still in the air-conditioned cruiser, might be able to put his nose into gear.

Sgt. Cotton says Aki is trained in the art of searching for articles such as firearms, clothing used in crimes, and in this case, a missing wedding ring.

Aki searched the area and found the lost wedding ring.

“Suddenly, everyone was happy; except Aki...the ice cream shop was still closed,” Sgt. Cotton said.

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