Augusta Police address reports of sex offender taking pictures of girls

Sex Offender Registry (MGN)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Augusta Police say they have received several calls about a registered sex offender taking pictures of girls and posting them online.

Police say they looked into each complaint so far and have not found any violation of the law at this point.

The reason there is no violation is primarily because the Constitution protects photographing people, places and things in a public place even if it is a child or young adult by a registered sex offender, according to police.

Police say this would only be a violation if a sex offender is on probation and has restrictions prohibiting this type of behavior.

In this case, probation is not in place, according to police.

However, police say they are looking at every complaint and image to make sure no crime has been committed.

They say they will take action if something illegal is discovered.

Police are encouraging Mainers to contact them in any situation where they feel someone is not behaving appropriately so they can evaluate the situation and take enforcement action if warranted.

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