Auburn girl fights for her life, searches for kidney donor

11-year-old Emily Pooler (COURTESY: Alison Pooler)

AUBURN (WGME) -- 11-year-old Emily Pooler has been fighting since birth, a birth that came 7 weeks early.

She has 17 different medical conditions and takes 14 different medications and right now, she’s doing well.

In 2014, doctors told Pooler she had stage four chronic kidney disease and would need a new kidney in a year and a half, three years later, she and her family are still looking.

If you’d like to donate, you can call the Maine Transplant Clinic at 207-662-7180 x 4, you need to have blood type A or O and tell them you want to get tested to see if you can be a donor match for Emily Pooler, 11 years old of Auburn, Maine.

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