Anti-marijuana legalization group drops Question 1 recount request

Maine voters have approved a ballot question making recreational marijuana legal for adults age 21 or older. (MGN)

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- A group that campaigned against the legalization of marijuana in Maine has dropped its request for a recount

The opposition group said it has withdrawn its request with the Secretary of State's office and that is satisfied that the result approving marijuana legalization in Maine is accurate.

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The recount has involved more than 200,000 ballots and would have resumed in January. The anti-legalization group estimated that the recount cost less than $15,000 and that little to no overtime costs were necessary.

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Maine residents last month approved legalizing marijuana by a narrow 4,073-vote margin in an election that attracted more than 750,000 votes.

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Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage has expressed reservations about whether the marijuana law can be implemented.

The pro-legalization campaign did not immediately respond to request for comment Sunday.

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