Affidavit: John Williams ‘eliminated’ Cpl. Cole after deputy fell down

FILE - John Williams (WGME)

(BDN) -- Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole was on the ground when John Williams shot and killed him, an affidavit filed in support of a search warrant revealed.

Information in the document, unsealed Tuesday and made public Monday, detailed what Williams told investigators about his encounter with Cole on April 25.

The affidavit was filed seeking a search warrant for Williams’ clothes and a 9 mm Ruger handgun that allegedly was found when Williams was captured on April 28 at a Norridgewock camp owned by a Massachusetts man.

Williams, 29, of Madison has pleaded not guilty to murder in connection with Cole’s death.

The defendant allegedly told police that he encountered Cole at the home of Kim Sirois, who helped raise Williams. Cole asked Williams who he was and Williams told him, the affidavit said. When Cole reached for Williams’ arm, he pulled away.

“John Williams described pulling away from Cpl. Cole and pulling his pistol from his waistband,” the affidavit said. “John Williams stated that he ‘got the drop on him.’ John Williams said that as he pulled the pistol [out of his waistband], he advanced toward Cpl. Cole. John Williams indicated that as he did this, Cpl. retreated backward, tripped and fell to the ground.”

Williams continued to advance on Cole as the officer held his hand in front of his face, the document said. Williams allegedly told police that he “eliminated” Cole because he was mad at him for arresting his girlfriend a few days earlier.

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