Addiction treatment center opens in Kennebunk


KENNEBUNK (WGME) -- A local doctor specializing in addiction treatment says she will help anyone who needs it, even if the patient doesn't have insurance to pay for it.

Dr. Merideth Norris opened Graceful Recovery in Kennebunk.

She says she can provide medication-assisted treatment, such as methadone and suboxone, coupled with a more well-rounded approach to treating drug addiction through counseling, peer groups, and support.

Because of Mainecare regulations, Norris says she can't provide free appointments.

So instead, she is charging only a nominal amount to uninsured patients.

"No matter what I'm treating, I don't start people on medications that they're not going to be able to afford, that isn't going to be available to them a month from now. That's setting them up for failure," Norris said. "And I can also interact with their probation officer or their wife who doesn't understand addiction or their counselor who wants to know more about what we're doing."

Heroin and opioid overdoses killed a record number of people in Maine last year.

Dr. Norris is hoping other medical professionals take her cue and respond in a similar way to this health crisis.

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