Hundreds gather in Augusta in support of Second Amendment

Hundreds of people gather in Augusta, for a pro-gun rally (WGME).

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- A rally at Maine's state capitol building served as a counter-protest to several demonstrations calling for a change to gun laws across the country.

The National Constitutional Colation of Patriotic Americans hosted movements in state capitals across the United States.

In Augusta, hundreds of people stood in front of the state House building to declare their support for the Second Amendment.

Demonstrators say removing guns is not the way to go.

"These are radical measures," said Paul Madore. "They're based on ideas that by creating soft spots and removing firearms, you'll have a safe society. What you'll have is a very vulnerable society. People cannot respond to violence in a way that's just and fair."

Supporters at the rally said gun owners have been portrayed in a negative light. They hope the peaceful rally will show they abide by the law and support their constitutional rights.

One such supporter was Garrett Mason, a Republican candidate running for the governor's seat in November.

"We have to have a logical and clearheaded conversation that is not based on emotion," Mason said. "I don't think there is anyone in the community that does not want to protect our kids or take away everyone's guns away for no reason at all."

"We have to base our arguments on policy and reality," Mason added. "Throwing a no-gun zone on a school is not going to do it. We have to make sure our kids are protected."

In March, millions of people around the globe demonstrated, demanding gun control. The March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. was organized by the student survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

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