$10,000 in Christmas layaway paid off at South Portland toy store


SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- Dozens of families in southern Maine are getting an early Christmas present from a couple of generous secret Santas.

Toys R Us tells CBS 13, a husband and wife stopped into the South Portland store and paid off $10,000 in layaway orders.

Among the carts, crowds, and search for that perfect gift, some very nice news is spreading.

"A nice couple, local, want to be anonymous came in and wanted to pay off $10,000 in people's layaways," said store manager Jay Roes.

Rose said that's enough to pay off the balance on about a hundred layaway accounts, paying for presents families found hard to afford.

"It's a good feeling for my staff to be able to do that for people and it's amazing that someone is that generous to take care of people that obviously might need a little help," Roes said.

Rose said customers who've been in so far to discover this purchase payoff are seeing their Christmas spirit soar.

He said it's the biggest layaway payoff he's ever seen.

"My cashier was able to let her know that she didn't have a balance due and she could pick up her stuff. It took her a minute to understand what happened and she cried at the front of my store," Roes said.

Managers at Toys R Us say the layaway balance is still around $25,000 dollars.

The secret Santa couple say they now want to match donations other people make toward the layaway accounts of strangers at Toys R Us.

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