CMP says no problems found to explain record-high bills

CMP customer bill sent to I-Team

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Central Maine Power said an internal audit of its new billing system and smart meters has discovered no issues that could help explain widespread complaints from customers about higher than usual usage, resulting in record-high bills.

"We have not discovered anything that drives our system to be changing or increasing artificially the usage that the customers see on their bill," said CMP president and CEO Doug Herling during a Friday morning phone call with reporters.

Herling said since the company's new billing system was installed in late October, the company has produced more than 3 million customer customer bills and noted the Public Utilities Commission has received 1,580 customer complaints. He promised the company will continue to look for any potential problems and to investigate.

"I understand a number of our customers are upset and looking for answers," Herling said.

CMP said it's reviewed about two-thirds of the customer complaints made to the PUC and has found nothing its end that would generate an inaccurate bill.

Herling noted colder than usual winter weather and an increase in the standard offer rate as possible explanations for the high bills.

He said if any issues are found that could impact the accuracy of a bill, the company will make it right.

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