CMP answers 8 of 23 questions related to state investigation, asks for extension

Central Maine Power offices in Augusta (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Central Maine Power is now answering a series of detailed questions about its metering and billing systems.

CMP was supposed to answer 23 questions by Friday as part of the state investigation launched in late February.

As of late Friday afternoon, the company answered just eight of the questions.

"CMP is working diligently on pulling the information together, but due to its complexity and voluminous nature of the work necessary to compile responsive information, CMP will require additional time to complete many of the responses," senior counsel Richard Hevey wrote in a letter to the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

The PUC launched the investigation after the I-Team found bills sent to CBS 13 showed a huge spike in unexplained usage.

Thousands of customers say they're baffled by their record-high bills.

The investigation focuses on metering, billing, and customer communication.

So far the information CMP has provided to the PUC is highly technical related to heating degree days and how the new billing system works.

In a response filed Friday, director of network projects Donna McNally said no issues have been found with the core product of the new billing system, which went live in October.

PUC spokesperson Harry Lanphear said the Commission is plowing forward, analyzing the answers from CMP.

He said they'll decide next week on CMP's request for a three-week extension to answer the rest of their questions.

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