Starcourt Mall, Suzie teased in new Stranger Things teaser trailer

    Photo: MGN Online & Netflix

    Netflix has released a new teaser for the upcoming third season of Stranger Things.

    While no new footage was released, the episode titles were all dropped inside the trailer:

    • Suzie, Do You Copy?
    • The Mall Rats
    • The Case of the Missing Life Guard
    • The Sauna Test
    • The Source
    • The Birthday
    • The Bite
    • The Battle of Starcourt

    Perhaps the most interesting title of all is the finale episode "The Battle at Starcourt." Netflix teased in July that the Starcourt Mall would be a part of the show with a special teaser released back in July and referenced the location in two episode titles.

    One final mystery from the titles that not much has been released is who exactly Suzie is. No characters have been introduced with that name previously.

    We'll find out who exactly she is and who wins the battle at the mall when the third season drops in 2019.

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