Restaurant Report: African spot fails 3 times, juice bar gets gold

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PORTLAND (WGME) -- A health inspector finds a local Chinese restaurant to be just down right dirty while a popular African spot was forced to close after three fails in a row. But it's a health oriented bar that had health inspectors seeing gold.

If you're craving Chinese take out online reviewers say to look no further than Lang's Express on Portland's St. John Street. But in August, state health inspectors left with a bad taste in their mouth.

They failed the take out spot citing four critical violations including, "knives stored in cracks between equipment" as well as "equipment handles and surfaces are not cleaned daily." Food was also a problem, Inspectors finding "noodles sitting in unsanitized 3-bay sink next to dishes." Inspectors returned a few weeks later and passed the restaurant but not all violations had been fixed.

Head a few blocks down St. John Street and you'll spot a bit of Africa in Portland. Chez Okapi calls themselves a modern steak house specializing in food from the Congo. But for three inspections in a row health inspectors failed the restaurant. The report showing "raw chicken is stored above raw beef" and "fish, chicken, mayo, beef and orange juice are all above temp."

After those and nine other violations weren't fixed -- the state ordered Chez Okapi to close. When we stopped by the restaurant we were told the owner wasn't around and would give us a call. They told us the failures were due to "growing pains with a new restaurant. Chez Okapi passed their latest follow-up inspection with flying colors and were allowed to re-open.

Now to this week's award winner. From fresh greens to vibrant veggies Flying Fox Juice Bar is blending local ingredients in a unique & healthy way. They definitely left a satisfying taste in health inspectors mouths, finding not one violation during their latest report.

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