Real Estate Report: Tips for decluttering your home

CAPE ELIZABETH (WGME) -- Is clutter driving you crazy?

The stack of bills on the counter mixed in with the forms that need to go back to school or the closet overflowing with clothes and that dreaded 'junk' drawer.

For professional organizer Dawna Hall, tackling a big mess is all in a days work.

"A professional organizer is like a personal trainer for your stuff," said Hall, the owner of Organize Me, a personal organization company.

Hall comes to a home and takes care of business, tidying up everything in sight.

"Closets are popular. Paper people are really overwhelmed by their paper and mail that comes into their lives and they almost need permission to trow things away," said Hall.

There are three simple steps hall teaches her clients.

First, don't be afraid to toss your stuff.

"Never walk out of a room empty handed. You can always throw something away," said Hall.

Second, everything should have its place.

"Don't put it down, put it away," she tells clients.

Her final suggestion is what she called the "One in, one out" rule.

That's very handy when it comes to your closet, because you see a lot of closets jam packed with clothes or a lot of shoes on the floor, so whenever you buy something new "" one in, one out," said Hall.

Hall admits that this is sometimes easier said than done, but says the payoff is worth the work.

"It's the feng shui thing" she said. "It's energy. Clutter is energy. If you have a clear space, you have a clear mind.

If a professional organizer isn't your style, you can find tips to quickly clutter your home on your own online.
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