Work underway on Austin Street Brewery's second location

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    PORTLAND (WGME) -- Work is underway on Austin Street Brewery's second location in Portland.

    It's been busy at the brewery's Industrial Way location ever since it opened there in 2014.

    "Nonstop," says co-owner and founder Will Fisher, "We have brewed as much beer as possible for over four years, as much beer as we can, we've never slowed down for over four years."

    As more and more people come to try and buy their brews, space has become limited, but Fisher says their second location on Fox Street solves that problem.

    "We're ready to make the move now and being able to sort of lock down a location on the peninsula in Portland, we couldn't pass up the opportunity," Fisher says.

    The indoor/outdoor tasting room will be able to hold almost 100 people, which will allow them to hire more employees.

    "We're going to go from 11 employees to about 20," says Fisher, "So we have a really good growth on the employment side, which is awesome."

    A lot of work has been completed on the building since they announced the expansion in the spring.

    "This has always been an industrial space through and through with one bathroom," says Fisher, "So we're basically having to add in all these plumbing fixtures for multiple bathrooms and our bar space as well as our production."

    There are more changes to come.

    "We're going to be putting a lot of holes in walls and adding a lot of windows and doors to increase the natural light inside the building, trying to minimize as much electricity, light usage as possible." Fisher says.

    The brewing operation will be more efficient at the Fox Street location, Fisher adds, because the building is made of concrete instead of steel.

    "Stays a lot cooler, it's a lot more comfortable here, it should drop our power bills way day, we should use less gas," he says.

    The Industrial Way location will still be able to produce some beer and will have a small tasting room. They hope to start brewing beer at the new location by October and have the tasting room open by the end of the year.

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