DIRIGO STORIES: Seniors going green in retirement

Seniors living in a retirement community in Falmouth are "going green" in almost every aspect of their lives.

FALMOUTH (WGME) -- None of the colors in the kitchen at Whipple Farmhouse in Falmouth are as important as green -- not to the chef or to the people he feeds.

"Everything green speaks to me, it always has," said Peter Gerquest, a resident at OceanView at Falmouth Retirement Community.

Gerquest and a group of seniors are eating sustainable food prepared with minimal waste. Being "green" starts at the lunch table for this community, but it's also part of almost every aspect of their lives.

"36 years ago I built a solar house which I much enjoyed," said Mary Jane Whitney, an OceanView resident. "But then it had stairs."

That led Whitney to live at the retirement community where food preparation is green, and so are the homes.

"I cheer every time I get my electric bill," Whitney said.

Many of the homes have solar panel electricity and hot water systems. Chris Wasileski, the Project Manager for the property through Seacoast Management Company, says he and his dad have been working to make OceanView a leader in sustainable, energy efficient living.

"Even though we are, at a core, a real estate development business, we can do a lot to minimize our footprint on the earth," Wasileski said.

It's a message the OceanView residents take to heart.

"It comes to even your habits in purchasing things that are in plastic packaging," said Whitney. "Be it coffee or your produce or whatever, thinking about those things before you make that purchase."

The green living isn't just helping the environment, residents say it's helping them build relationships.

"The people are wonderful here," said Whitney. "Interesting people."

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