DIRIGO STORIES: New Cheverus lacrosse coaches bring family feel

Dad-daughter duo Bill Fenton and Bethany McCauley have teamed up to coach the Cheverus Girls Lacrosse team this year (WGME).

PORTLAND (WGME) –The Cheverus Girls Lacrosse team is under new leadership this year, and while the coaching staff may be new to the players, they’re no strangers to each other.

“Anytime I get a chance to work with my kids, it’s pure gold,” said Head Coach Bill Fenton. “It’s something I love doing.”

Fenton’s daughter, Bethany McCauley, is the team’s assistant coach.

“I think she really understands the girls really well. She knows when to push and when to hold back, and she does that with me, too,” Fenton said.

“It's a lot of fun, we have a good time together,” McCauley said. “We sort of balance each other out.”

The balance didn’t happen overnight. It began with a different team, when McCauley was the head girls lacrosse coach at South Portland. Her dad was the assistant.

“It was actually fun because I could tell him what to do," McCauley said. "I’d never been able to do that my whole life."

When McCauley stepped down at South Portland, her dad took over until three years ago. Now in their new jobs at Cheverus, McCauley is happy to let her dad take the lead.

“He wants nothing but the best for these girls,” McCauley said.

McCauley says that’s why she pushed her dad, now 74, to come out of retirement and take the coaching job at Cheverus.

“Here I am back again because my lovely daughter decided that we were going to do it again!” Fenton said. “I can’t tell you how great it’s been. Working with her – it’s such a pleasure.”

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