DIRIGO STORIES: Couple quilting for veterans

Rex and Donna Brookings have helped award 75 veterans "Quilts of Valor" this year. They work out of their home in Gorham with the help of other volunteers (WGME).

GORHAM (WGME) – Stitch by stitch on a sewing machine, a couple in Gorham is quilting for a cause.

Through the nonprofit the Quilts of Valor Foundation, Donna and Rex Brookings have helped award 75 quilts to veterans over the last year to thank them for their service.

“This is my part of saying ‘thank you, and I appreciate you.’” Donna Brookings said.

Brookings agreed to become the Maine State Coordinator for Quilts of Valor after attending a quilting show in January.

“As soon as I became state coordinator they sent me a list with 25 names on it,” Brookings said. “Veterans that had been waiting two years to get a quilt.”

That didn’t sit well with the Brookings. Rex is a veteran of the Navy. So, they decided to go all in over the last 10 months. They put up $10,000 of their own money to buy quilting supplies, and recruited help from their neighbors at The Friendly Village in Gorham.

“I think I did 15 quilt tops in five months,” said Linda Loehlein, of Gorham.

The quilting operation has ten over the Brookings living room and kitchen. They have a small space to eat, but the rest of the room is filled with sewing machines fabric, and boxes of quilts.

“It doesn’t bother me one bit,” Brookings said. “When I did that first award I felt ‘Yes, I know what my calling is.’”

Her conscience is now calling her to make a quilt for every veteran in the state.

“We need all the help we can get.”

If you’re interested in helping the Brookings, you can contact Donna by CLICKING HERE.

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