34 years later, Maine family still searching for Kimberly Moreau
It's been 34 years since Kimberly "Kim" Moreau was last seen the night of her junior prom.{ } (Contributed){p}{/p}

PORTLAND (WGME) -- It’s been 34 years since Richard Moreau’s daughter, Kimberly Moreau, from Jay, went missing.

As a dad, Richard said he’s never once stopped looking for his little girl.

“It was just as tough today as the day she disappeared,” said Moreau.

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On Sunday, Moreau was joined by his two other daughters who are sharing their story via podcast. Moreau said telling their story through a podcast is something they’ve thought about doing for many years as they hope it might help bring Kim home.

“We want her to turn around and just have that proper burial and bring closure to my other two daughters so they can live the rest of their life,” said Moreau.

Diane Levesque, Kim’s oldest sister, said one of the hardest things over the years have been the questions met with dead ends.

“She just plain vanished and no one would talk,” said Levesque.

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Karen Dalot, Kim’s other sister, was the last family member to see her before she went missing. She said Kim had come inside the house only briefly, saying she was going for a quick ride and would be right back.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve relived that night, and wish I could do it over again,” said Dalot.

Moreau said his daughter is especially missed on Mother’s Day because he’s certain his daughter would have been celebrated as a mom herself.

“She liked children. I think surely she would’ve been a mom by now,” said Moreau.

Moreau said as long as he’s able, he will continue to search for his daughter. He pleads that anyone who might have answers to contact Maine State Police.

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