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MISSING PERSON: Abby Hernandez

NORTH CONWAY (WGME) -- May is National Missing Children's Awareness month and CBS 13 is looking into missing children cases in Maine and New Hampshire. Tonight at 11 we investigate one of the most recent cases out of North Conway.

15-year-old Abby Hernandez seemingly vanished while walking home from school last October. Now, nearly seven months later, there are still more questions than answers.

"It's routine everyday things that's when you notice the void the most," said Abby's mom Zenya Hernadez. "I really still feel like she's here."

Zenya says she is constantly looking for Abby. She updates her Facebook page Bring Abby Home daily and does what she can to keep her face in the public's eye.

"Sometimes I feel like ok she will be home any minute and then you realize she's not it's been a long time now," Zenya said.

Multiple law enforcement agencies in New Hampshire are working together and with the FBI to try and bring Abby home. Right now, there's still very little information on what happened to Abby the day she went missing. Investigators say she was last seen walking on a trail away from Kennet High School on October 9th.

Abby was texting a friend and then there was one final phone call before all communication went silent.

"What we had from the outset were certain indicators that this could be an abduction," said lead FBI agent Kieran Ramsey.  "We have a young girl that's leaving school that has made no indication of any other plans other than to go from school to home. We have a girl who has a very vibrant social media presence a very active life in texting and Facebook and everything and that immediately stops."

In early November, Abby sent her mother a letter and the case changed.

"It was unprecedented to see a letter like that come through and change our optic on this to say ok maybe she was a runaway."

The FBI is still offering a reward for any information on where Abby might be. Already they've followed up on hundreds of tips from across the country, some as far away as California and Alabama. There's still no sign of where Abby might be and whether or not she's safe. 

Ramsey says the FBI usually doesn't get involved in runaway cases, but because they still don't know exactly what happened to Abby they plan on working the case until she comes home.