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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Fryeburg Woman Recovering After Brutal Attack At Her Business

FRYEBURG (WGME) -- A Fryeburg woman is recovering from vicious attack Tuesday.Paulette Tuunanen says a man came to the door of her pet grooming business, called Creature Comforts, demanding help with a pregnant dog in his arms.she says the dog had already partially delivered one puppy and was in pain.When she pointed this out to the man, he tried to pull the puppy out himself and killed it.

Paulette says the man's escalating mood concerned her and she was afraid for her life, but moreso, her two year-old daughter who was just one room away.
So when the man looked away for a moment, Paulette took quick but quiet action, tucking her daughter away in a kennel and covering it with a towel.

She said, " I just backed slowly through that door and I just said to her, I opened the first door on that side of her and I just said honey there's
a bad man here. I need you to hide. Can you go in there and be quiet and hide? She climbed in."

When Paulette then tried to call a vet to get help with the man's pregnant dog she says he thought she had called police. She says the man yelled
something about not going to jail and attacked, punching her, and beating her with a small statue from a nearby shelf until it shattered. She says he stabbed her with a broken piece of glass from a bathroom mirror, and when she tried to defend herself with grooming scissors he disarmed her, and slashed at her.

Finally, Paulette says she saved herself with a lie... telling the man she had called police. She says the man stole cash from a shelter donation jar
on her desk and from her wallet and took off. That suspect is still on the loose and is described as:
  • Male approximately 5'8" with a medium build
  • Upper 20's to Lower 30's age range 
  • Wearing a camouflage ball cap
  • Wearing a green canvas style barn coat
  • Black winter gloves
  • Described as rotten teeth
  • Described as having decaying teeth
  • Missing a bottom tooth on right side of lower teeth 
  • Severe acne
If you have any information, Fryeburg police want to hear from you.