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Scarborough dog on wheels inspires thousands

SCARBOROUGH (WGME) -- It's a remarkable story of overcoming obstacles. A special-needs bulldog in Scarborough is battling cancer while inspiring thousands along the way.

Griffin has more than 10,000 Facebook fans from around the world. They're sending him messages of encouragement and so much more.

Unlike most dogs, Griffin doesn't walk, he runs into the vet's office. But then again, Griffin is no ordinary dog. He's extraordinary. And he's had a lot to overcome.

"Griffin was born with swimmers syndrome which is a neurological condition, so he's never walked," said owner Lisa Bassett.

The five year old English bulldog was within one hour of being put down before he was rescued by Lisa and Chris Bassett.

"We just thought, 'oh my gosh this dog needs a family,'" said Bassett.

Two years ago, the lovable dog on wheels got his own Facebook page.

In response to pictures and videos, his fans send words of encouragement and love along with toys and treats, even a wine bottle with a griffin caricature. And that support means more than ever now that Griffin is battling cancer.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma last summer.

Griffin's fans don't just browse Facebook for their daily dose of inspiration, they're also helping to fund his medical care. So far, $20,000 has been raised.

For one fundraiser, the Maine-based 207-brand created a "Griffin" t shirt.

It's a lot of work to take care of Griffin, but also rewarding.

"I think he exemplifies a lot of traits we as human beings aspire to have, but struggle, make things a little more difficult for ourselves than a dog does," said Bassett.

Griffin's cancer is spreading. The Bassett's aren't sure how long he has, but they know he'll leave behind an extraordinary legacy.

"I wish he could truly know, truly truly know how loved he really is. But I think through us, I think he knows he's the bees knees."

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