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Missing dog reunited with York family

YORK (WGME) -- Emily Brown and her husband, Wes, have been searching tirelessly.

Theyre looking for their six-year-old golden retriever, Penny, who got spooked and ran off into the woods at about 6:30 Monday evening.

Its breaking our hearts, Brown said. We dont have any kids yet, so our dogs are our children for me and my husband.

York Animal Control Officer Larry McAfee says the Browns did everything right.

They alerted police right away and then notified surrounding towns to be on the lookout.

Then they took all the steps necessary to try and find penny.

They printed out hundreds of flyers and posted them on telephone poles on busy roads and intersections, and inside nearby post offices and grocery stores.

People quite a ways away from here are aware this dog is out there, McAfee said.

The Browns then took their message from paper to the internet.

They enlisted the help of Maine Lost Dog Recovery and put up a missing flyer on Facebook.

Thats how the Browns neighbor Connie Dove found out that Penny was missing. Dove brought her dog Cesar to help sniff out Pennys scent to try and find her.

Were looking forward to finding Penny, Dove said.

The Browns tried every trick in the book to get Penny to come home.

Weve put me and my husband's dirty laundry with our scent on it, dispersed around the yard hoping she would pick up the scent, Brown said.

Animal advocates say even though the snow and cold weather, dogs are more resilient than we think.

Ive seen them show up two towns away you just dont know, McAfee said.

It would mean everything to me if she would just come home and we would find her, it would mean the world to me, Brown said.

She promised to not stop searching until Penny came homeAnd at about 4 p.m. Thursday the Browns stopped searching.

A person snowshoeing found Penny about three miles from home.

The Browns say Pennys paws are a little beat up, but otherwise she is in good health, and happy to be reunited with her family.

Another option is to hire specially trained scent tracking dogs to help find your pet.

A representative with Lost Pet Tracking Dogs out of Portland tells us every pet owner should create a scent pack for each pet in their home.

To create a scent pack, just swab the inside of your pets mouth, cut off a piece of his fur, and put it in a zip-lock bag in a safe place.