Bonny Eagle defeats Thornton Academy in the FNL game of the week


STANDISH (WGME) --- Welcome to week eight of Quirk Chevrolet's Friday Night Lights.

Our FNL game of the week takes us to Standish, the 7 & 0 Scots hosting 7 & 0 Thornton Academy in the rain!

The winner locking up the 1 seed for the playoffs!

A packed house at Bonny Eagle tonight!

Trojans first offensive possession Michael Laveriere going deep, but gets picked off by Cam the Berge, a beautiful interception!

After a scoreless first quarter, the Trojans strike early in the 2nd quarterback, Michael Laveriere with a terrific run into the end zone the point after toachdown was good, Thornton Academy was up 7-0!

Thorton Academy went back to work. Laveriere was up on top to Adam Gibbons-- the big rumbling for a big first down!

It looked like the Trojans were going in for another score, but the Scots defense steps up. Parker Gammon forcing the fumble here with Cam the Berge falling on the ball a huge break for Bonny Eagle!

Scots on offense, Cam Cay going deep for Cam the Berge who makes a great sliding catch!

Two plays later Alex Sprague bangs it in from a couple yards out and we are tied at 7!

3rd quarter and now and Thorton Academy strikes again Michael Laveriere doing what he does best, breaking tackles-- 58 yards into the end zone, Thornton Academy -14-7!

In the fourth quarter, the Scots down 7 and driving day with a lazer to Kordell Menard, first down Bonny Eagle!

Later in the drive Cam Day goes around the corner and into the end zone for the touchdown. Scots within a PAT of tying it but coach Kevin Cooper decides to go for 2 and the lead!

The pitch to Alex Sprague who takes it in! Bonny Eagle with its first lead 15-14!

Last call for Thorton Academy’s Michael Laveriere going deep, but Kordell Menard comes up with the game clinching interception as Bonny Eagle goes on to beat the two time defending state champs 15-14.

Scots finish the regular season a perfect 8 & 0 and the top seed in class a south!

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