VIDEO: Redd the pit bull tiptoes to avoid cat

Redd the pit bull has to tiptoe to avoid the Harley the cat (Screenshot obtained from Facebook/ Pound Hounds Res-Q)

NEW YORK CITY (WGME) -- Redd the pit bull has to tiptoe past a door in his foster home. The reason? Harley the cat is behind it.

Poor Redd seems paralyzed while passing by the door.

His tip-toeing video on Pound Hounds Res-Q's Facebook page has gone viral.

Redd's foster owner Keri Woodward says the cat has growled and swatted at him, according to CNN.

Animal behavior expert Bash Dibra calls Harley an "alpha cat," and Redd has invaded her turf, according to CNN.

Redd is up for adoption at Pound Hounds Res-Q in New York City.

His adoption profile says he knows the commands "sit," "lay down" and "stay." But the command of the day seems to be "tiptoe," according to CNN.

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